The secret lives of couples

We often idealise the relationships of other people when we observe them in public and 'project' all manner of ideas onto just how great a couple 'seem' to be together. The truth can often be quite different, particularly in a culture that values apparent confidence, capability and prowess so highly. 

The truth is many couples struggle day to day with their differences and as this School of Life blog post and video emphasise, rage, bitterness, sullen silence and frustration are not uncommon in many's how we navigate it that counts.

Couples therapy can smooth out the wrinkles, make conflict productive and help a couple to move through the challenges and re-engage as friends. Developing skills to deal with conflict and change the way we look at the realities of our difference as people in couples as well as moving back towards being friends are all achievable when the couple is committed to the therapy task and to each other. 

Posted on June 6, 2015 .