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Increasing your awareness of internal processes and developing an appreciation of interpersonal dynamics between people in organisations offers us the advantage of being ahead of the 'interpersonal game'. At work we are embedded in a matrix of complex conscious and unconscious relationships and acquiring skills such as emotional intelligence and better self regulation enhance our capacities to deal with all levels of this matrix with more self control and ultimately more success.

Managing from the inside out

I work with individuals who are looking to improve their performance and learn to better navigate interpersonal relationships at work so success is more easily in reach.

Although often left out of the picture, great interpersonal skills are the key to career and corporate success. These skills are what propel us forward and when we operate without awareness of our motivators and our impact on others we tend to trip up. It is something that can be changed.

Transactional analysis is an ideal framework to understand how to:

  • Praise people and accept praise authentically
  • Handle complex people and the sociopaths, narcissists and needy or controlling people that inhabit organisations.
  • Understand the basic ‘life positions’ of individuals in an organisation and how to work with these most effectively.
  • Know what ‘triggers’ us in the workplace, why and how to get beyond it.
  • Managing up effectively without feeling compromised.
  • Appreciate people’s learned family roles and how they play these out at work.
  • Learn about getting out of complex work dramas and turning them around.
  • Work with your direct reports empathically and effectively to achieve team success.
  • Develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence and people skills that make you more rounded and help avoid burnout.

Typically coaching objectives and outcomes among my clients include:

  • Improved performance
  • Managing with clarity and confidence
  • Skills for managing 'up' without feeling compromise
  • Stress management
  • Options for dealing with challenging behaviours
  • Goal setting and extending yourself without compromise
  • Clarity about values and beliefs for an authentic management style
  • Empowerment and authentic leadership skills
  • Better work/life balance
  • Real engagement in developing your team
  • Enhanced self-regulation skills so you always keep your cool

Brad is a great communicator with an ability to get to the nub of an issue. He offers an insightful approach to workplace relationships and I have found him to be a great sounding board on office interpersonal issues. His gift for analysing a complex situation and its players has helped me immeasurably.
— Coaching client feedback

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