What could a psychotherapist offer a consultant, middle manager, team leader or team member looking to take the next career steps? The answer is a lot and it's in the most neglected area of professional development - knowing yourself.

I work with individuals who are looking to improve their performance and learn to better navigate interpersonal relationships at work so success is more easily in reach.

Corporate success hinges on knowing yourself and understanding others 

Great interpersonal skills are the key to career and corporate success. They're the powerhouse behind great ethical, intelligent and creative leadership and armed with well developed interpersonal skills people are propelled forward in their careers. It is when we don't understand the interpersonal dynamics at work that we can feel held back.

These internal and external relationships and the unspoken but powerful dynamics that happen every day at work are also also territory that psychotherapists work in every day.

Much more is happening at work than what you see and hear

Most conversations about leadership and success also leave out what seems to be the thing we can’t change: the actions of others and the unconscious processes in work groups.

The key is spotting these seemingly mysterious aspects of work culture, understanding why they happen and, importantly, what they trigger within us.

Armed with a better understanding of our internal processes and a new awareness of what is happening for other people, we are able to more effectively and strategically manage teams, manage up and lead ethically.

I have held senior management roles in publishing, media and corporate relationships and have a working knowledge of the needs of middle managers in the corporate and professional environment.

Coaching is different to therapy

Coaching involves a confidential professional relationship that is both goal and task orientated. The work is very different to psychotherapy for this reason. I call on my training in Transactional Analysis, group processes and organisational dynamics to do this work.

Through a frame of Transactional Analysis we can work together to understand:

  • How to praise people and accept praise authentically
  • What drives the people that work for you and how to effectively support the growth of your staff
  • The basic ‘life positions’ of individuals in an organisation and how to work with these
  • How to appreciate people’s learned family roles and how they play these out at work
  • How to clarify your values, ethical limits and other boundaries
  • How to turn around complex work dramas 
  • Working with some of the more fragile people at work
  • How to work with the sociopathic people who sometimes inhabit organisations
  • How to develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence and people skills that can help avoid burnout

My approach is focused on the idea that we work in a matrix of complex interpersonal relationships and gaining skills for dealing with all levels of this matrix leads to success. Increased internal awareness and an appreciation of interpersonal dynamics as they are played out in an organisation and in our work relationships gives us the advantage of being ahead of the game.

Typically objectives and outcomes include:

  • Better work/life balance
  • Improved performance
  • Goal setting and extending yourself without compromise
  • Enhanced self awareness
  • Managing with clarity and confidence
  • Skills for managing up without feeling compromised
  • Real engagement in developing your team
  • Clarity about values and beliefs that inform an authentic management style
  • Enhanced self-regulation skills so you always keep your cool
  • Options for dealing with challenging behaviors
  • A new respect for people in the workplace that increases personal motivation
  • Stress management
  • Empowerment and authentic leadership skills
  • Improved, productive relationships

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Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.
— Steve Jobs (Apple founder)



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