Work/life balance and self exploration for professional women

Entrepreneurial, creative and corporate environments expect huge amounts from women today and a sense of depersonalisation and objectification are not uncommon as a result.

I work with professional women therapeutically to explore the complex choices they have to make and the losses these choices sometimes entail. Many of my female clients have had to put much aside to progress professionally and for some there comes a time when issues of identity, compromise, grief and burnout need to be examined and integrated.

There are also glass ceilings, difficult colleagues and complex non-work relationships with partners, parents, lovers and friends to deal with. It can be overwhelming.

Relationship difficulties, role conflicts or social and emotional isolation are not uncommon among professional women. Working through these issues with a respectful, empathic therapist can provide an opportunity to focus inward away from the frenetic corporate world to find new meanings.

My work with professional women has covered a broad spectrum including:

  • Career and life changes
  • A need to work on self-esteem and resilience issues
  • A desire to gain insights into patterns of communication and relating
  • Burnout from pressure to succeed early in life 
  • Dealing with a chronic or terminal illness diagnosis




The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.
— Gloria Steinem (feminist, journalist, and political activist)



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