Relational Transactional Analysis and psychodynamic thinking

My own approach to psychotherapy is informed by my training in a type of therapy called relational transactional analysis. This approach is highly flexible and can be worked with at a deep emotional level or at the thinking level.

The work involves supporting the client to work towards autonomy, spontaneity, a sense of coherence and a confident, authentic capacity for intimacy.

My work is also informed by psychodynamic and psychoanalytic thinking which takes the view that the source of much of what people think, feel, experience and fear is unconscious or out of awareness.

These unconscious processes can maintain people’s internal suffering, the impact of trauma, crippling emotional difficulties and unsatisfactory relationships within their social and cultural contexts. Psychotherapy involves very gently bringing some of these things into awareness.

The therapeutic relationship 

The therapeutic relationship is the foundation for both these approaches and requires commitment and responsibility from the psychotherapist and patient/client.

The aim is to work together to make sense of  your emotional life, thoughts and behaviours and ways of functioning. The work makes links between present and past as well as emphasising current experiences. 

Through non-judgmental understanding and interpretative work within the therapeutic relationship, we can work on recognising the underlying meanings of dreams, conflicts and fantasies and how these thoughts, feelings and behaviours are expressed and resisted. This understanding enables new choices to be made, and the fulfilment of yourunique potential.

[Adapted from PACFA definitions]

It is now well established that the unconscious mind is the wellspring of all human creativity.
— Earnest Rossi


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