Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching services 

The therapy room is your space to come, be heard and create change or reformulate the way you see and experience aspects of yourself and your relationships. After many years of training and supervision I call on a range of therapeutic tools that are tailored to your specific needs. Outlined below are details about some of the services I offer - click on the '+' symbol to read more about each service.

Connecting the dots 

Research tells us that by working with a mindful, skilled and attuned therapist you can reshape your experiences through self-observation, thinking about relationship patterns, managing your stress and exploring your unique story. When these factors are bought together in the work it can feel like you are connecting the dots. The secret lies in the quality of the therapeutic relationship and the safety and professionalism it offers. 

Looking for more?

Detailed information about the first session, questions about fees and many other questions are available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website. If you are curious to know more or you have unanswered questions I encourage you to contact me to find out more information and to discuss the prospect of us working together.

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+ Counselling

Counselling is a form of short-term talk therapy (6-12 sessions) focused on a specific issue that you are seeking to sort out, change or work through. The goal is often to unravel a problem and find new ways forward. The work is solution focused.

When a client comes for counselling they usually have a clear idea of the problem but need to develop skills, awareness and strategies to deal with the problem. I counsel a range of clients experiencing workplace issues, grief, interpersonal difficulties and many more issues.

Contact me or book a consultation appointment online if you would like to discuss counselling.

+ Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy uses the relationship between therapist and client to facilitate self-understanding, awareness and life changes. The therapeutic work occurs in a clearly contracted, boundaried and ethical relationship that enables a person to look to resolve issues of an interpersonal (external) or personal (internal) nature.

The work also involves the professional therapist using therapeutic and psychological theories and advanced interpersonal skills that are drawn together to facilitate change for the client.

Exploring the role of the unconscious in our lives and how aspects of our unconscious can be bought into awareneness is also an important part of the process.

Respect for the client’s uniqueness, autonomy and authority and respect for the client's views, beliefs, values and decision-making are always considered paramount. Every client has the right to self-determination.

Often integrating aspects of our nurturing relationships, parts of our unconscious experiences and deeper work with personality change are at the heart of psychotherapy work.

[Adapted from PACFA definitions]


+ Couples/relationship counselling

Have you lost sight of the values and ideals that bought you together in your realtionship? Are you and your partner at a crossroad and uncertain about which way to turn? Is there a constant process of ‘triggering’ each other to the point where it seems impossible to get out of set patterns of relating?

With only one in three long-term relationships surviving in these complex times you are certainly not alone and the evidence shows specific approaches to working with couples are successful.

Couples counselling offers you new ways of seeing, feeling and behaving in your relationship and a chance to turn things around if that is what you both really want to do.

I work with couples by looking at attachment patterns and the brain science behind what happens in relationships and by using strategies to address lack of communication and other complex aspects that send relationships off course.

Common couples issues in my work include:

  • Dealing with anger
  • Seeking to resolve a loss of intimacy
  • Poor work/life balance
  • Changes in the relationships over time
  • Working through trust issues and infidelity
  • Resetting the 'contract' of your relationship
  • Deal with ghosts from the past that won't go away
  • Constant 'triggering' of each other
  • Stuggles with sexuality, vulnerability and loss of hope

Contact me for an introductory couples session where we can talk through both the issues and the hopes for the future of your relationship.


+ Interpersonal coaching

Interpersonal coaching involves a confidential professional relationship that is goal and task orientated and very different to psychotherapy. I call on my training in Transactional Analysis, group processes and organisational dynamics to do this work.