Working with diverse clients in Sydney

My client list is a study in diversity with representatives from many backgrounds, cultures and demographics. I love the way it reflects the colour of Sydney's communities. Some specific groups have tended to feature in my client list and although these groups are diverse there is some common ground in the issues they present with. You can read about these by clicking on the images below.

If you don’t feel you fit into any of the groups, please read about the different issues they experience. Many of these are universal concerns that touch us all in some way. 

Lets discuss the possibility of working together

I am committed to seeing a diverse range of people in my practice so contact me to discuss the possibility of us working together. I also hold two positions for low-cost clients in my schedule so please contact me to discuss this option. Complete the form below, phone me on 0405 019 508 or book online using the button below.

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